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Home Technicians

Georgia, Florida, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Washington DC

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role


The Real A-Team

To be the best, you must hire and train the best. Even though this is not our motto, we understand the meaning and use this spirit to govern the members who join our team. We are looking for the best of the best veterans, transitioning active-duty soldiers, and others who take pride in wearing our uniform to signify professionalism, integrity, honesty, strong work ethics, and leadership. The individuals who display these characteristics will help us create the most massive, skilled, qualified, and dependable field workforce in the world.

• Home Technicians I
• Home Technician II
• Hourly Rates $25.00 to $30.00 per hour

Priority Hiring:
• Soldiers transiting out the military and their immediate family members
• Veterans and their immediate family members
• National Guard and Reserve Members and their immediate family members
• Firefighters
• Police Officers
• First Responders

Positions Available:
• Full – 40 Hours Per Week
• Part – Up to 30 Hours Per Week
• On Call – Provide available times convivence to your schedule
• Emergency and Natural Disaster – be part of our team that goes to emergency and disaster areas and performs support and repair services

Experience needed in ONE of the skills set below.
• Electrical
• Light Home Construction
• Plumbing
• Garage Doors
• Appliance Repair
• Smart Homes
• Pools

Mandatory Soft Skills
• Must be professional, dependable, and provide exceptional customer service
• Strong analytical and critical thinking skills
• Excellent people skills with an understanding of teamwork and support
• Strong ability to work independently and as a productive member of our team
• Follow all processes implemented by the management team

Must have at least two or more years' experience in ONE of the services below:
• Electrical
• Light Home Construction
• Garage Doors
• Appliance Repair
• Smart Homes
• Pools

Plumbing Services
• Faucet Repair, Installation, and Replacement
• Garbage Disposal Installation and Replacement
• Gas and Electric Water Heater Installation and Replacement
• Tankless Water Installation or Replacement
• Sink, Tub, Toilet, Snaking, and related Plumbing Repairs
• Basic Plumbing Repair/ Installation
• Leak Repairs

HVAC Services
• HVAC Troubleshooting and Repair
• HVAC Maintenance
• Smart and Standard Thermostat Installation
• Filter Replacement
• Capacitor Replacement
• Refrigerant Replacement
• Motor Replacement

• Receptacle/Outlet Installation or Replacement
• Light Fixture Installation or Replacement
• Home Electrical Troubleshooting
• Breaker Installation or Replacement
• Electrical Inspections
• Electrical Repairs
• Generator Installation
• Ceiling Fan Installation & Replacement
• Outdoor Lighting

TV Mounting
• TV mounts on studs or proper anchors
• Cable Concealment
• Drywall Mounting
• Over Fireplace Mounting
• Brick or Concrete Mounting

Appliance Repair
• Refrigerators
• Stoves
• Microwaves
• Dishwashers

• Pool Maintenance
• Filter Replacement
• Pool Shocking

Smart Home
• Wi-Fi
• Alexa
• Smart Devices
• Residential Cabling

Light Home Construction
• Dry Wall Repair

Our full-time position qualifies the technician to join our Partner Program based on their overall performance and customer service rating. Our Partner Program will give the technician the ability to become a copartner in one of our expansion cities across the United States. The technician will paid a bonus in December based on performance and profit of their partner city


Mandatory Requirements

• No felonies

• Must be able to pass physical examination

• Must be able to lift 150 pounds weight cannot exceed 280

• Pass a national background check and submit a local background – Fee will be reimbursed

• Pass drug test and participate in our random drug testing program

• Have a valid driver's license with reliable and clean transportation for the first 3 months to drive to at least six local customers per day

• Power Drill, Basic Tool Set, and Voltmeter

• Must have a smartphone that operates appropriately to connect to our ticketing system for the first 90 days

• Must provide three verifiable references, resume, and cover letter explaining why you would be an asset to our team.

About the Company

GI-Techs is the largest veteran-led support team in the United States. These services are completed by a team of soldiers that have transitioned from active duty, veterans, and certified and experienced technicians.

Our 24/7 customer support team consists of field and service agents are in the United States.

We have three missions:

​Mission 1: To keep our customer satisfaction rating of 95% or higher for our customers and partners.
Mission 2: To create a field support team of 10,000 veterans to support our customers across the world.
Mission 3: ​To empower and provide 500 veterans franchise opportunities for a GI-Techs Support Center in their town or city.

​We understand that we cannot control everything, however, our effort, determination, and performance will always be outstanding.

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