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Home Preventive Maintenance can save you thousands of dollars and prevent unforeseen repairs.

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

You get your oil changed, get your checkup yearly, teeth cleaned, and tires rotated but don't per PMS on your largest purchase. Your home!

Most issues at your home can be avoided by letting us come to your home twice per year and doing a inspection from top to bottom. Every break gives you warning. We just pay attention to them - David W. Gallemore, CEO, Gi-Techs USA.

Whether your garbage disposal, water heater, water heater, or any other item in the home breaks; you need a partner that has your back in getting it fixed as quickly as possible. We can provide services to one home or multiple homes. If and when it breaks, contact your 24/7 support team and let us take it from there. One of our experienced and qualified technicians will be on location to resolve it so you and your guest can rest easily.

Every reliable product review should start with an introductory paragraph. This is your chance to hook your readers right in and let them know what to expect. Are you reviewing one product or comparing a few? What is the full name of the product(s)? Share with your readers your expertise in this area; your frustration with products out in the market that haven’t met your needs; and why this review will offer them the ins and outs of the product’s benefits.

Heading #1: Your First Impressions

Your readers want to feel like they are experiencing the product for the first time with the same attention to detail that you have. This is your place to be descriptive and offer a clear account of the look and feel of the product and all of its features. Make sure to include images to help your storytelling come alive.

Heading #2: How Have You Tested

Include personal anecdotes of how the product helped you. When, where and how did you use the product? The more personal you are, the more relatable and trustworthy you'll be. If you had others test the product, share this with your reader.

People might not be aware of all the ways a product might help them out. So be sure to highlight these in your post. You may mention ways they hadn't even thought of!

Heading #3: Pros and Cons

Be sure to empathize with your readers. Point out their frustrations and then how the product might help (or not!). You'll need to figure out what their problems are, and how the product could solve them.

If you're comparing a few different products, include a graph or table where people can see similarities and differences right away. This helps readers choose which option to buy.

Not everyone has access to the product you're talking about, for one reason or another. You might want to list a few alternatives they can choose from. They'll love you for it.

Heading #4: The Final Score

Firstly, remind your reader (once again) of your years of experience in this area and what makes you the perfect person to give a final evaluation. It's not required for every review, but a rating definitely helps. Sum up your thoughts and opinion on the product with a rating. 5 out of 5 stars? 1 out of 2 thumbs? Let people know what you think.

Make money with your review by including affiliate links. Readers can buy the product with a link you give them, and you'll get a commission. These are a great way to earn money without being in your face. Just be sure to state that they're affiliate links!

Learn more about affiliate links in our guide.

If it's a product you're selling through your Wix website, add a link that goes straight to your product page from the Add button in the sidebar.

Invite readers to leave a comment, and share their experience if they've used the product before.

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