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Military Spouses Getting It Done!

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Amy Mathews and Michelle Williams, a real Dream Team!

We have found the best untapped resource in the United States. Military Spouses

American military spouses, who number approximately 690,000, are a diverse population. Like their active-duty husbands and wives, they come from varying racial and ethnic backgrounds and bring various skills to the labor market. But military spouses face a particular challenge: they often find their labor market activities, including choices over whether to work, how many hours, and in what occupation, to be subject to the geographic and temporal constraints imposed by their active-duty spouse.

Amy and Michelle have proven that military spouses get the job done even under challenging conditions that are constantly changing. Many military spouses must lead in the family because their significant other is under time constraints they cannot control. The men and women serving in the Armed Forces can be called to perform globally at a moment's notice, and their spouses get the job done.

They have the same spirit and intestinal fortitude as the brave men and women that protect this country.

As previously stated, military spouses get the job done!

Amy Mathews (Director of Partner Management) and Michelle Willams (Director of Accounting Services)

Military Spouses Ready to Join Our Team!

If you are a military spouse looking for an environment where you can still be a military spouse and mom and still show your skills, please apply to join our team.

Best Decision Ever!

"We have worked on this business model for over four years and finally found a resource of people who deliver professionally in critical times. We are expanding and getting it done. The only thing we changed was the people getting it done" - David W. Gallemore, CEO Gi-Techs USA

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